Why do I need an Alamance County DWI Lawyer?

Do you have a DWI case in Alamance County? Don’t just wait 30 days to get your license back; the sooner you call an Alamance County DWI Lawyer, the faster we can get your license back.

Don’t just wait the 30 days.

Since 1997, I have handled hundreds of Alamance County DWI cases. I am familiar with the laws of North Carolina and the procedures of the District Attorney’s office in Alamance County. Since I have experience in the field of DWI cases, I am able to get you a better outcome without the headache.

A better outcome without the headache.

If handled incorrectly, a DWI charge will make you lose your license, get you a fine and possibly give you jail time; don’t take that risk. I have the experience in Alamance County to get you the best outcome. By hiring me, you will save time, money and prevent the frustrations of trying to handle a serious issue on your own.

Save time, money and prevent the needless headache.

I am an accomplished attorney and will cater my defense to your specific case and use my experience to fight for you. At many large firms, you will have to deal with paralegals and never an attorney. My quick responses, direct lawyer contact and hands-on strategy will get you the best possible outcome. Contact me and I will help you save your time and your money.

  • I will give you personalized attention and make your case my priority.

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I’ve assisted numerous people in all types of DWI offenses in Alamance County including, but not limited to:
-Administration license suspension
-Mandatory automatic license suspension
-Underage DUI offense
-Drug-impaired driving
-Drunk walking