Do I need an Alamance County Juvenile Lawyer?

Do you know someone who has a Juvenile Charge in Alamance County? This can result in the juvenile not being able to play sports in high school if not handled correctly.

Don’t wait; Call an attorney.

Since 1998, I have handled hundreds of Alamance County juvenile cases. I am familiar with the laws of North Carolina and the procedures of the District Attorney’s office in Alamance County. If a juvenile case is not handled properly, it can result in a juvenile detention center, no high school sports and limited college and career opportunities.

A better outcome without the headache.

A juvenile case is not the same as every other case due to the specific rules governing juvenile court. After hundreds of juvenile cases, I have the experience in Alamance County to get you the best outcome. Being a specialist in the juvenile section of law, I am not only the only juvenile law certified lawyer in the county, but I also help write the exam for the certification.

Save time, money and prevent the needless headache.

I am an accomplished attorney and will cater my defense to your specific case. I will use my experience to fight for you. Many firms are inexperienced and you are taking a chance on your child’s future by going with any other firm. Contact me and I will help you save your time, your money and get you the best outcome.

  • I will give you personalized attention and make your case my priority.

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I’ve assisted numerous people in all types of juvenile offenses in Alamance County including, but not limited to:
-Larceny offenses
-Alcohol offenses
-Disorderly conduct
-Criminal trespass