Do I need an Alamance County Misdemeanor lawyer?

Do you have a misdemeanor charge in Alamance County? Most misdemeanors are punished by monetary fines, probation or jail. We can get you out of jail today by filing for a bond reduction.

Get out of jail today with a bond reduction.

Since 1997, I have handled thousands of Alamance County misdemeanor cases. I am familiar with the laws of North Carolina and the procedures of the District Attorney’s office in Alamance County. No matter what your misdemeanor charge is for, I have the experience in Alamance County to get you the best outcome.

A better outcome without the headache.

This specific charge will result in a fine, possible jail time and a criminal record. Don’t wait to call until it’s too late.

Save time, money and prevent the needless headache.

I am an accomplished attorney and will cater my defense to your specific case. I will use my experience to fight for you. I will examine every aspect of your situation because you are not just ‘another case’ to me. Contact me and I will help you save your time, your money and get you the best outcome.

  • I will give you personalized attention and make your case my priority.

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I’ve assisted numerous people in all types of misdemeanor offenses in Alamance County including, but not limited to:
-Simple assault
-Petty theft
-Disorderly contact
-Possession of cannibus